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How to upload videos

Published: Sep 5, 2012 by opentech Filed under: Help
Rules: All videos sent are subject for approval by the administrator. Submitting inappropriate video repeatedly will cause us to terminate your account. The maximize size to upload is 10 MB, that is a short video. Use it  to capture a quick video moment at the Latin

If  you want to be able to play longer videos at the Latin Palace website, you can upload your video to YouTube then follow these instructions:
  1. From the Suggest a video page - Select Video URL from the url address bar
  2. Select Category
  3. Enter the Artist:, Description and tag
  4. Clock Send


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I can't login, whats wrong?

Published: Sep 4, 2012 by opentech Filed under: Help
Note: We are not excepting registration at this time.

This can happen if you are using Internet Explorer 9.
From Internet Explorer, Go to - Tools, Click - About  Internet Explorer 
If you have Internet Explorer 9 you should apply the options below. Apply option A or B or both

Option A 

  1. Go to - Tools
  2. Click - Advanced
  3. Check - Enable Suggested Sites
  4. Click – Security
  5. Click – Sites
  6. Enter –
  7. Uncheck – Require server  verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
  8. Make sure you have the latest  Java Update – To install , go to:

Option B (Work Best)

  1. Firefox - Click here
  2. Chrome - Click here 

Happy Hour

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